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In modern society, with laws and regulations being stricter, so are the application requirements, therefore, precision finishing techniques including deburring, polishing, rounding, forming and flow adjustment have a bigger role to play in manufacturing industry. Delicate design, complicated shapes and hard-to-process materials make this work even more difficult. Proper surface disposal of metal parts can improve safety, reliability, efficiency and durability of the whole system, thus increasing product value for its clients.


As a leader in precision finishing industry, Extrude Hone provides services for clients from numerous specific markets, such as automobile, aerospace, heavy industry, medicine, and general engineering. With regards to product components requiring deburring, polishing, rounding, forming or flow adjustment, this company’s AFM, ECM, TEM technologies can provide surface finishing solutions for clients and bring higher added value at the same time.


AFM- Abrasive Flow Machining


This technology can be applied when traditional polishing is ineffective because the industrial parts or components are in irregular shapes and have a high requirement for fineness. Extrude Hone invents AFM technology, which is used to polish and deburr components with grinding abrasives. Under high pressure, grinding abrasives can improve the surface features of processed components.


AFM can ensure high consistency and fineness of not only the surface but also the hidden parts of workpieces. It is highly applicable to such industries as aerospace, medical equipment, semiconductor, mold, oil pump and nozzle.



Since that the dielectric used in AFM is sticky, special solvent is needed to cleanse the abrasives. To this end, Extrude Hone provides complete solutions, leaving their clients no concern.


In emerging technology areas, AFM has met great opportunities. For example, it has been preliminarily applied in 3D printing industry since the original fineness of the components is poor. It is believed that an increasing number of 3D printing components can be processed with AFM technology.



ECM- Electrochemical Machining


To make products of high precision surface efficiently with the fewest components is a major goal of manufacturing engineers in such areas as aerospace, transportation, and energy. It is a common requirement to process workpieces in complicated shapes with extra low machining tolerance. With regards to those parts that will operate in extreme conditions, impact caused by stress due to poor manufacturing technique also deserves people’s attention.


When precision, consistency, time and quality are crucial factors, Extrude Hone’s ECM technology will offer a satisfying solution to its clients.



Deburring by non-contact, ECD can remove stress of workpieces, improving their performance. ECM is able to remove burrs or chamfers of specific parts which are difficult for traditional processing method to deal with. ECM needs electrode to position burrs or chamfers, and Extrude Hone will offer all-round solutions to ensure the high quality of workpieces.


A typical application of ECM in precision fishing field can be seen in auto parts industry. ECM can dramatically improve the physical appearance of workpieces, maintaining consistency while removing stress. FAW Group and SAIC Motor are two representative clients in applying ECM.


Since electrification in auto industry sets a higher safety standard for vehicles, workpiece quality needs to be improved accordingly, and thus demand for ECM will be increased in the future.



TEM-– Thermal Energy Method


For hydraulics and auto parts industries, requirement for high-quality workpieces urges clients to seek more efficient deburring solutions. TEM meets the demand of these two industries for removing burrs in an all-round way, and will not compromise workpiece performance.


Through burning methane in a pressurized room, TEM uses oxidation reaction to remove burrs, edges or hidden pollutants. By removing all internal and external burrs simultaneously in one step, TEM can offer time-saving and reliable industrial solutions, thus highly applicable to massive processing. TEM is especially suitable for deburring intersecting holes of various internal and hidden parts. A typical application example is deburring valve bodies of engineering hydraulic machinery.



Cleansing work is needed in the end to restore the original metal color of workpieces, because after thermal processing, oxidized particles will be attached to the surface. Extrude Hone will provide complete deburring solutions to meet its clients’ needs.


The wide application of TEM in hydraulics and auto parts industries has efficiently improved the performance and stability of workpieces. With increasingly high requirements for quality, it is believed that more enterprises will choose TEM in deburring process.




Extrude Hone

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Extrude Hone is the only deburring solution provider across the globe who boasts three surface processing techniques: AFM, TEM, ECM, and who can combine them all together. Extrude Hone has a whole set of technologies and equipment to achieve deburring, polishing and rounding. With the mission to improve products quality and reliability, Extrude Hone’s solutions can be applied to auto parts, aeroengine impellers and blades, high cleanliness valves, hydraulic valve blocks, molds and other machine components. As a professional and international enterprise, Extrude Hone has its factories in the United States, Germany and China, and provides equipment, after-sales support and OEM service for clients in every corner of the world. Extrude Hone’s deburring solutions will meet your demands for high-quality products.



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2023 International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition

Mar. 22-24, 2023

Shanghai New International Expo Center

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