DeburringTec 2021 Starts Inviting Exhibitors and Visitors Worldwide!

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2021 Shanghai International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition (DeburringTec 2021), a global professional event in the field of deburring and surface finishing of industrial parts, will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on December 22-24, 2021. Now the highly-anticipated event is inviting exhibitors and visitors worldwide.


1. Based in Shanghai and Facing the World

As industrialization and automation advance, the requirements for the precision of mechanical parts and the miniaturization of parts, in the field of mechanical processing, especially the automotive, aerospace, and instrumentation industries, is increasingly demanding. This proposed higher requirements and brought greater challenges for deburring and surface finishing technologies. DeburringTec is an event created for the need of such technologies.

China, as a global manufacturing hub, is taking hold of the favorable conditions brought by the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation to promote an in-depth transformation in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the next decade is expected to be the best period for China to become a global manufacturing powerhouse. DeburringTec provides a great opportunity for enterprises in this industry at the right time.


2. A Professional Technology Event for Clients Worldwide

DeburringTec is the only professional event about deburring & surface finishing technology in the Asia-Pacific region. Through the international professional platform, DeburringTec will focus on recommending exhibitors who place top priority on the Chinese market to export Chinese wisdom, Chinese solutions, and Chinese brand to the world in the dynamic new era. DeburringTec provides a specialized platform for display and exchange of technologies for participants in the deburring & surface finishing technology industry.

DeburringTec showcases new technologies, equipment, products, processes and applications in the field of surface deburring & finishing of industrial parts at home and abroad and promotes technology, services and environmental protection innovation as well as international cooperation in the industry. Based in Shanghai, DeburringTec will attract professional exhibitors and visitors from all over the world and build itself into a world-class deburring & surface finishing technology event!


3. DeburringTec Provides Quality Solutions for Professional Clients



DeburringTec has an accurate understanding of the real needs and developing trends of the deburring & surface finishing field and provides better solutions to clients worldwide through professional exhibitions and conferences. It is a specialized platform for both buyers and manufacturers in the field of deburring & surface finishing technologies for trade, display, exchange and learning. Deburring & surface finishing is a strongly discipline-characterized segment. Whether you are an exhibitor, a buyer, a developer or promoter in the field, or a friend from news media, you can quickly find the hot topics and solutions that precisely serve your interests at DeburringTec.


4. DeburringTec’s Exhibits Cover the Entire Industry



DeburringTec’s exhibits range from deburring & surface finishing solutions to equipment, tools, consumables and services, such as deburring technologies, surface finishing, post-processing cleaning, measurement, testing and analysis systems, as well as OEM services, professional associations and media outlets. Main exhibits are as follows:

Deburring technology exhibits: abrasive belt grinding, brush deburring, chemical bath deburring, electrochemical machining (ECM), E-beam deburring, vibration grinding, magnetic grinding deburring, mechanical deburring, sandblasting deburring process, high-pressure blasting deburring using water, oil and cooling lubricant, vacuum suction deburring, deburring with carbon dioxide (dry ice) blasting, deburring with carbon dioxide snow blasting, sandblasting cleaning, shot blasting cleaning, liquid nitrogen deburring, abrasive flow machining (AFM), thermal energy method deburring (TEM), ultrasonic deburring and deburring with industrial robots, etc.

Surface finishing exhibits: precision grinding, edge rounding, surface drawing, polishing (electro-polishing, laser polishing, chemical polishing, plasma polishing, vacuum suction sandblasting polishing, mechanical polishing and precision electrochemical machining (PECM)), etc.

Post-processing cleaning exhibits: wet cleaning processes, sandblasting cleaning, cleaning systems for machining, special cleaning processes and cleaning agents, etc.

Measurement, test and analysis system exhibits: optical measurement technologies, optoelectronic measurement technologies, beat measurement technologies and computed tomography, etc.



5. DeburringTec Targets Participants from the Entire Industry


Research institutions, manufacturers, service enterprises and application promoting enterprises from automotive, aerospace, military, machinery manufacturing, medical devices, precision engineering, electronics and electrical appliances, home building materials, instrumentation, fluid dynamics, transmission technology, casting and die-casting, metal processing, plastic processing as well as tool and mold manufacturing industries are all DeburringTec’s targeted professional visitors.


6. DeburringTec Will Launch Online Exhibition



Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, DeburringTec will operate the entire exhibition in a digital way, providing exhibitors and visitors from all over the world with a variety of digital marketing services such as precise matching based on big data, online remote negotiation, live streaming channels and online exhibition halls. Digital technologies can make it easier and more efficient to connect visitors and exhibitors, thus making DeburringTec's precise services more efficient throughout the event.


7. "TOP Buyer Program" Fast and Precisely Connects Exhibitors and Buyers


In order to meet the strong demand of deburring & surface finishing, DeburringTec has launched the "TOP Buyer Program" to connect the senior executives or professionals from manufacturing, application and sales enterprises of industrial cleaning products with clear purchase intention or procurement plans with experts in the industry, leading enterprises and interested exhibitors for one-on-one business meetings at the event.

The "TOP Buyer Program" builds a platform for precise and efficient communication between exhibitors and buyers, through which you can communicate with your favorite exhibitors face to face at the first time, and enjoy various high-end services for special buyers and get the latest development information of deburring and surface finishing. It is the best choice for quickly selecting products, meeting new partners, developing new markets and promoting enterprise and brand image.



A small industry can also make a big difference! China's manufacturing industry is undergoing critical transformation from a big industry to a strong one and quantity-oriented to quality-oriented. In the field of machining, deburring & surface finishing, technologies play a key role. DeburringTec can effectively promote the rapid and high-quality development of the industry, and help China achieve its goal of becoming a manufacturing powerhouse from the details.

Apply for a booth on the DeburringTec website: 

2022 International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition


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