Deburring Technology: Optimized Brushes

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There are different kinds of deburring. The smaller the component and the more delicate the material, the finer the tools must be.


There are different kinds of deburring. The smaller the component and the more delicate the material, the finer the tools must be.

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Brushes are suitable for particularly demanding deburring tasks, especially for internal machining, and can be designed to customer specifications. For this reason, the manufacturer Kullen-Koti offers a very wide range of tool brushes for almost all known deburring tasks. Among other things, the company offers two groups of brushes whose domain is the deburring, rounding and smoothing of particularly hard-to-reach areas in the internal machining of components and assemblies. On the one hand these are turned interior brushes and on the other hand the so-called alphahon brushes. Both brushes are available in many different designs and can be customized or optimized on request.


For Deep Bores and Tubes

The turned interior brushes of Kullen-Koti essentially made of two parts. They consist of a handle made of turned steel wire (VA), in the front area of which the fill material made of metal wire, plastic or abrasive nylon is twisted. The standard brush lengths are between 100 mm and 125 mm and the standard diameters vary between 2.5 mm and 45 mm depending on the fill material and application. The diameter of the wires depends on the task at hand — they can be up to 0.06 mm thin and their abrasive area can be filled with grains up to grain size 1,000, the company explains.



The main tasks of Kullen-Koti's turned interior brushes include the machining of bores and internal threads, the deburring and smoothing of edges on O-ring grooves, cross bores and other intersections as well as the cleaning, derusting and descaling of pipes.

Since the cross-sections of the fillings can be cylindrical, conical or even stepped, Kullen-Koti wants to be able to adapt each interior brush to the geometry of the workpiece and the specific application. According to the company, it is also possible to adapt the clamping shafts to customer and application-specific requirements — for example cylindrical or with threads.


Ensuring Concentricity

In addition to the interior brushes, alphahon brushes are also used for many deburring tasks. With this elastic tool and its abrasive filling with abrasive globules (Anderlon) embedded in synthetic resin on the bristle tips, good results can be achieved, for example, when deburring recesses, edges, channels, grooves and holes in steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Alphahon brushes are also particularly suitable for processing conical and oval bores.


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