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Deburring&Surface Finishing Technology Applications:

Automobile Industry, Aerospace, Military Industry, Machinery Manufacturing Industry, Medical Treatment, Precision Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Appliance, Household Building, Instruments And Meters, Fluid Power, Transmission Technology, Casting and Die Casting Industry, Metal Processing, Plastics Processing, Tool and Mold Manufacturing, etc.

What's the Targeted Buyer Program?

The TBP is the top management or professionals of companies producing, utilizing and selling Deburring&Surface Finishingwho take part in the DeburringTec with a clear purchase intention or plan.

To this end, we have specially developed a Targeted Buyer Program to focus on inviting high-end players and leading companies in the industry and match them with intentional exhibitors to help them conduct one-on-one business meetings at the exhibition site.

Exclusive services for TBP

Targeted Buyers will enjoy some VIP services we offer, which will ensure that they participate in the exhibition and related activities conveniently and comfortably.

Contact us
  • Ms. Feng
    Tel: +86 10 58677200
    E-mail: vivian.feng@hjtexpo.com
  • Show Time
    December 12-14, 2022
  • Exhibition Venue:
    SWEECC-Shanghai · China

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