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With the increase of the degree of industrialization and automation, in the machining area, especially in application fields such as automobile industry, aerospace and instrument & apparatus, the requirements about manufacturing precision of mechanical components and miniaturization of mechanism design are growing higher and higher. It is a higher requirement and challenge for the deburring and surface finishing technologies. In order to conform to the development demand of the technologies, the “DeburringTec” Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition comes into being.

Shanghai International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition (“DeburringTec” in short) is professional deburring & surface finishing technologies exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region. Serving as a professional platform for demonstration and exchange about the deburring & surface finishing technologies, it is a professional grand technological conference. By setting foot in Shanghai and attracting professional exhibitors and audiences all over the world, it will strive to be a first-rate brand of deburring & surface finishing technologies exhibition.

8000 m 2

Exhibition Area

5000 +


100 +


Exhibition Name: International Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies Exhibition (DeburringTec)
Exhibition Date: 12-14,Dec. 2022
Exhibition Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center (SIEC) 

Date & Opening hours:

12-14,Dec. 2022  
Exhibition Scope

Solutions, Equipment, Materials, Tools, OEM Services of Deburring & Surface Finishing

  • Deburring Technologies

  • Surface Finishing : Grinding; Polishing; Chamfer; Surface Drawing

  • Surface cleaning

  • Measurement, Test and Analysis System

  • OEM Service, Professional Association and Media

Highlights of Exhibition

Professional exhibition platform

Since Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies industry is a highly specialized filed, a professional exhibition platform is the best choice for industrial personages. By strengthening the interoperability of industry, we jointly promote the development of Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies industry.

Fast-growing market

China has the world's leading market for Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies industry production and its applications, and DeburringTec timely provides an extremely good platform for China to connect the other world's companies in the Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies industry.

Stage for industrial decision makers

We select and invite global professional buyers and more R&D and procurement decision-makers to visit the exhibition and to ensure that you meet with high-end professionals'face-to-face communication, thus getting the best opportunities.

Focus on the theme of the era...

Even small industries can make great achievements. China's manufacturing is in a key period of growing powerful based on a large scale. In machining, the deburring & surface finishing technologies are playing a vital role. DeburringTec can effectively promote rapid and high-quality development of industries and help realize China's target of becoming a manufacturing power from details.

How to Arrival?

Located in the core area of comprehensive business Centre (CBD) in SIP and bordering Jinji Lake, Suzhou International Expo Centre (SuzhouExpo) boasts convenient transport system and high-standard facilities. As a large-scale complex integrating exhibitions, conferences, catering and hotel facilities, it is capable of hosting large-scale comprehensive exhibitions with different sizes and forms. In addition to nine exhibition halls with 100,000-square-meter indoor exhibition area and 20,000-square–meter square, there are 60 conference rooms measuring 50,000 square meters, including an 8,000-square-meter grand ballroom which is one of the largest column-free ballroom in Asia. SuzhouExpo leads in terms of scale, facility and service in China.


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